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July 16, 2009



I think the Youth Hunts are a great idea. Our state has one that is state-wide and runs the weekend right before archery season starts.

We have to get these kids involved early, and these Youth Hunts are just the ticket to allow that.

You need to get on someone's case, Matt. The Sunday hunting ban, and your counties unwillingness to allow this youth hunt is totally crazy.

I think I feel an OBS mission coming on: everyone needs to write a post about the negative effects of the Sunday hunting ban, and not allowing kids to participate in the Youth Hunt.


I think the reason we don't have the youth hunt here in Loudoun is probably because we, and the other affected counties, will already have an archery season in progress at that time. The rest of Virginia's archery season doesn't start until the following weekend.

But I love your idea of getting the OBS involved in fighting the Sunday hunting ban!



Another reason for the Youth Day not being allowed in those three counties could be due to the fact that all three are densely populated. I wonder if they worried about having just kids hunting with guns even though they would be supervised and there are normal firearms seasons in place already.
As far as Sunday hunting goes, I doubt Virginia will allow it anytime soon. You would think they would allow it now since we no longer have to check deer at a check station. I am still torn on the issue. I don't mind not being able to hunt on Sunday, but if we could hunt on Sunday I would probably be out there hunting with ya.


The youth day was awesome. I took my 7 yr old nephew and he bagged his firt deer which was a very mature doe. I wasn't worried about a follow up shot because I've had him out every weekend shooting squirrels on his one with a .410 or at the range practicing with a scoped .22. He made my day when a small doe came within 20 yards of the stand and he looked at me and said it was to small to harverst and wanted to wait on a mature doe or buck. Even when the mature doe came out he didn't have a clear shot and looked at me and said we'll wait till she turns and he made a clean kill with a youth model 30.30.



archery hunting equipment

that' a great chance to encourage new hunters !

kathy kuhlmann

what is the date of the youth hunt? you say the 26th which is monday. i have also read 25th which is sunday.


This post was from last year. Sorry I didn't publish anything regarding this year's Youth Deer Hunt, which took place Sat. Sept. 24.

Alex Galletti

Best of luck to the kids! Who knows? For some of them, it might be their first hunt, and that can provide some valuable experience should they find interest in hunting.

Mark Granger

Hello My Name is Mark Granger USAF retired. I am originally from Short Pump Va. I spent 28 years in the Air Force and came back home. I am now a JROTC instructor at Deep Run High school. I have a student who has been in foster care all his life and is a good kid. I can't (by rules) take him hunting or fishing but he needs to be introduced to this great past time. He spent times in his life where he lived with no food water or heat and I want him to know good role models. I am an outdoorsman (thanks dad) and know how many great people I've met through the outdoors. Does anyone have any suggestions for me. Thank you and happy hunting/

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